Elayne Boosler

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. right around the time the Dodgers were leaving, Elayne Boosler's first memories are of grown men crying. Not understanding, she felt responsible, and decided to go into comedy. Her most recent memories are also of grown men crying.

Oh well. Her tool- and-die-maker father and her escaped Russian ballerina mother encouraged her from an early age to leave them alone. She has seven brothers, all veterinarians. She attended public school in Brooklyn, plus a nefarious (a word she did not learn in public school in Brooklyn) year or so at the University of South Florida in Tampa, where she avoided class, has no credits on file, and swallowed many strange substances while she watched her hands multiply and listened to Janis Joplin albums.

As the very first young, unmarried, dressed- up-for-a-date female comic, she was an instant success with audiences. They were more than ready for a slice of life approach to comedy from a woman just the way they had accepted it from the new breed of current male comics of the time like Robert Klein, Richard Pryor, David Brenner, etc. She did countless appearances on all the talk shows of the day, was a regular on Merv, Mike, Dinah, Hollywood Squares (so unknown was she that she thought she’d have to change her name legally to “Elayne Boosler To Block”).

She appeared often on music shows like The Midnight Special, Rock Concert, did countless variety specials, and toured the country as the opening act for every single musical group in America. Those appearances ran the gamut of performance venues, including playing clubs, 35,000 seat fairs, Las Vegas, Tahoe, concerts, theaters in the round, colleges, Atlantic City, rodeos, speedways, festivals and you name it. Always a writer, in the 1980’s she joined the Writer’s Guild of America and began splitting her time between touring and writing for television. Some of her T.V. credits (all shows which have aired) include: The Rodney Dangerfield special, “It Aint Easy Being Me”, “Disney Goes to the Oscars”, “Soundstage; Andy Kaufman” for PBS, “The Shape of Things”, an NBC series, a Geraldine Fitzgerald pilot for CBS called “Mabel and Max”, “99 Ways”, a valentine’s day CBS special, “Prime Times”, a Leslie Nielson pilot and special for NBC etc. She has written articles for Esquire magazine, George magazine, Men's Health, USA Today, and the New York Times.

When she is not on tour, Elayne writes movie scripts which she is hoping to direct and star in. Ah well, it's an honor just to be nominated. She is offered many television parts, and always enjoys taking the good ones. Her favorites include the recurring mean blind woman on Night Court, and roles on Sisters, Living Single, and The Cosby Show.

Elayne lives on both the left and right coasts with a black labrador named Wiley, and the spirit of her beloved boxer dog Petey, who she knows would approve of her new boxer dog Shnuffy. Her passion outside of work is baseball, and animal rescue. During the summer she books her tours to coincide with teams in town, and she has had the pleasure of singing the pre-game national anthem several times for the Dodgers, the Mets, and the St. Louis Cardinals. She has also done color on Sportschannel with Duke Snider, as well as appearing often on Sportschannel in N.Y. during Mets games and on sports radio around the country. She has thrown out the first pitch for Texas, Cleveland, Seattle and Tampa, and plays baseball once a year at Dodger stadium for Hollywood Stars Night. She performs frequently at charity events for many teams across the country. When CBS initially acquired the World Series, it was Elayne whom they chose to perform comedy about sports all week between the end of the evening news and the beginning of the game. They knew she would keep the men AND the women tuned to the game.