Stay Tuned! As We Repair Our Funny Bone!

We are preparing for an encore!


The original house of comedy for more than 20 years, Laff House is and will be one of America’s go-to places for everything comedy. With its humble beginnings as a comedy club on Philly’s South Street, Laff House became internationally known for delivering just the right mix of well-known and emerging talents. Over the decades, Laff House has evolved behind the curtain into a global house of laughter connecting the world via You-tube, Facebook, and other video streaming platforms. As comedy evolves and technology brings us closer to true laughter, Laff House continues to deliver the right dose of funny.


In 1985 the doors of the Funny Bone opened to the public, offering adults an
alternative to the club and restaurant scene on South Street. The Funny Bone provided budding comics a soapbox to stand on and an audience to amuse.
In 1996 the club became Catch A Rising Star, further solidifying their focus on nurturing emerging local and national talent. While the comedy club remained loyal to amateur comedians, well-known acts began making Catch A Rising Star a regular stop on their comedy tours.
One year later, famed comedian David Brenner took over the comedy club changing the name to David Brenner’s Laff House. Due to Brenner’s fame and management the club was known as the international house of comedy.

The final incarnation became Laff House, with Mona Wilkerson and Roderick Millwood overseeing the operation for more than a decade. Sadly, this South Street comedy institution closed in July 2013, after the untimely death of Mona Wilkerson.


Philadelphia’s legendary comedy club Laff House, will be dusting off the chairs, performing a mic check and re-opening their doors very soon with two locations! Laff House will be opening a new location in Wilmington, Delaware and then remodeling its flagship location in Philadelphia.

The Laff House is where Kevin Hart, Elayne Boosler, Mike Epps, Thea Vidal and many more honed their funny bones and launched their careers. Founder Rod Millwood will be back with exciting ideas on revitalizing Philly’s South Street comedy scene. His experience and know-how will be the backbone to the success of the Laff House for many years to come.

“Laff House was one of the only clubs where you could go from the pavement to a career,” said former Laff House star TuRae. “Most big comedians come from a mom-and-pop club where they can hone their skills. Places like this are needed because they give opportunities based on talent. Other big clubs give opportunities based on your ability to draw an audience. You can’t draw an audience until you hone your talent,” he said.

Laff House content, both classic and new, is available for download, streaming, and purchase via its global distribution deal with Lightyear Entertainment, which distributes Laff House films through Universal Music Group and eOne Distribution. The DVD Kevin Hart, Live at the Laff House (recorded before Kevin was a star), has been a blockbuster seller for Walmart and other locations, and has recently been launched in the UK and other international territories via Caroline/UMG London. Look for Laff House Comedy on Facebook, YouTube and other video streaming websites. Lightyear, helmed by industry veteran Arnie Holland, is also developing a television series and pursuing movie opportunities in partnership with Laff House.